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Drill and Visual

Drill Writing
Drill Rewrites / Edits
Program Coordination
Private Clinics

Color Guard

Custom Choreography
Video Critiques
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Private Lessons
Summer Clinics

Staff, Team, & Leadership

Team Mediation
Leadership / Team Connection
Staff Training
Summer Clinics


Inside everyone is excellence, but excellence does not happen alone. It is our responsibility as a community to cultivate greatness.


To provide exceptional and accessible resources for the development of performers, directors, instructors, and designers in the pageantry arts.


Developing Your Staff: Design Details to Support and Empower Your Team (E-book)

In Music Effect’s Design’s second published E-book, we go over the process of developing your culture, hiring your staff, and developing them throughout their time in your program.

Planning Your Season (E-book)

If you are a fan of our video series, Design Details, be sure to check out our E-book Planning Your Season: Design Details to Take Your Program to the Next Level by Jordan Pitner.

Fundamentals of Color Guard© and Technique Applications

A new take on color guard training and fundamentals – videos and visuals to help directors and staff train a color guard.


My Favorite Books of 2021

Happy New Year, everyone! There’s no more convenient time to reorient yourselves than the new year. On New Year’s Day, Holly and I spent the morning discussing our hopes and aspirations for the coming twelve Read more…